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The Material is available through the Image Bank for limited use. Oriola is entitled to modify and change the Image Bank at any time, including its content, availability, Terms of Use and system requirements.
The Image Bank is a service intended for Oriola’s customers, partners, employees and the media. The Material existing in the Image Bank is only intended for Oriola product marketing and advertising or other relating publications, and for journalistic purposes. The possible pictures of people included in the Material may never be used for commercial purposes.

The user understands and accepts that they utilize the Image Bank and use the Material at their own risk.  The Image Bank and the Material is provided "as is" and without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.  Oriola does not warrant that the use of the Image Bank will be uninterrupted or error-free.  The user is always responsible for the use and publication of the Material.

The Image Bank may only be used according to the applicable laws and other regulations, as well as good manners. The user is responsible for using the Material supplied in the Image Bank and for ensuring that publishing the Material does not harm Oriola, third party or the reputation of the brand.
Loading images does not transfer any rights from Oriola to the user. The user is not entitled to modify, change or otherwise manipulate the Material of the Image Bank without Oriola written permission. Oriola name should always be presented in connection with images, when the pictures are released or when the pictures may be otherwise available to the public. The user should do everything possible to try to prevent any unauthorized further use of Material.
Oriola shall not in any circumstances be liable to the user or to the publisher for any losses or any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the Image Bank or the use of the Image Bank or the Material. Furthermore, the user understands and accepts the sole responsibility for damages incurred to their information systems or loss of data caused by downloading Material from the Image Bank.

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